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Celebrities are coming to the clinic for their first look at barbie care in Vancouver

Celebrities will be coming to Vancouver’s Eastside clinic to see what’s in store for their hair, nails and other cosmetic needs, and some are hoping to see more of the clinic’s employees and staff.

A new clinic has opened up in Vancouver’s Chinatown.

Its opening comes just weeks after the everett Clinic in Euston opened up.

But the two clinics are different: everett, a hair and beauty salon, focuses on salon services while barbie, a nail care clinic, specializes in nail care.

While it will be open on Sundays, the clinic is expected to be open for patients until July 28, said Vancouver City Health spokesperson Melissa Fagan.

The clinic has already attracted a few celebrity patients.

In July, singer-songwriter David Guetta came to Vancouver for his barbie treatment.

And this week, musician Ryan Adams and actress Alyssa Milano both came to visit the clinic.

Both Guetta and Adams are members of the popular band, and have worked together in the past.

The two stars were in town to help promote their new album, and also to promote their charity, Barbie Care, which is run by the e-commerce website, Shoptify.

They’re working on a barbie-themed song.

For celebrities, Barbies are a way to keep their hair looking their best, Fagan said.

But they’re also a way for them to stay on top of their skin and their nails, Fagery said.

They don’t have to worry about their nails being bleached or damaged, and it’s also a great way to wear them to social events or to parties.

I think there’s a real opportunity to help people with issues like that, Fagarne said.

Barbie Care is a charity that provides free haircuts to people with cancer, HIV/AIDS and other life-threatening conditions.

For every haircut they get, they donate the money to charity.

They also give haircuts at free events and events that they’re sponsoring.

Fagan said the evey Clinic was looking to expand and offer other cosmetic treatments.

The clinic is now accepting appointments.

If you’re interested in coming to get a haircut, please contact the clinic, Fagner said.

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