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What you need to know about the Campbell Clinic

Doctors at the Campbell clinic say they’re having a tough time dealing with the increase in patients.

Dr. Bruce Campbell says he’s seeing a higher number of patients at the clinic than usual and that the increase is impacting the staff and staff members.

The Campbell Clinic is in a rural area of Oregon.

Dr.-Patient Relationship Manager Bruce Campbell said that there’s been a lot of concern about the increased number of people coming in, and he’s not sure if that’s just because they’re not feeling well or that they’re feeling understaffed.

Campbell said the clinic is trying to be proactive and respond to the concerns and it’s trying to find ways to keep people safe and keep them from going in.

We’re working on getting more people into the emergency department, so the nurses are there when patients call in.

The staff are there to provide care, Campbell said.

Dr-Patient Relations Manager Bruce Lee Campbell said he and his team have been busy trying to get to the bottom of the surge.

They have a staff that is working very hard and he said they’re really focused on trying to stay focused on the patient and their safety.

Campbell also said that the clinic’s main focus right now is to get the hospital’s nurses trained and to be able to work with patients in a way that they feel comfortable.

Dr Bruce Campbell with the Campbell Clinics emergency department.

The clinic is in an area with a lot more than just emergency rooms, Campbell explained.

He said that they’ve got people in a number of different departments.

Campbell is worried about people getting in their cars and taking off with people they don’t know and he wants to be sure that he can get them back safely.

He’s trying his best to do that, Campbell told CNN affiliate KGW.

Campbell says that he’s been working with the clinic staff to try and find ways of keeping patients safe.

He says that if they can’t get in the emergency room, they have to go to the local emergency room.

Campbell’s also seen an increase in calls about a person who has been drinking and driving.

Campbell told KGW that there is a lot that needs to be done to ensure that people are safe and he says that it’s just a matter of time before the city’s health department comes out with more information about what’s going on at the area.

Campbell did tell KGW he hopes that people will keep reporting any suspicious activity and he is looking for any witnesses who may have seen anything suspicious.

Dr Campbell says the clinic has already seen an uptick in patients coming in.

He also told the station that there have been two or three instances of people getting shot.

He didn’t say who fired the shots.

Campbell has said that he hopes to continue working with health department officials.

Campbell doesn’t expect the clinic to close for a long time, but he says the emergency departments are doing their best to handle the spike in patients and patients are coming in more frequently now that it has gotten out of hand.

Campbell added that the city is looking at some changes that could help address the spike.

Campbell and his staff are trying to figure out ways to improve their emergency department and to make sure that patients are getting care, so he says it’s going to take some time.

We want to keep that level of patient care the best that we can and we need to do everything we can to make that happen.

Campbell will also be attending the local health department meeting tomorrow to discuss how to improve the Campbell and Campbell Clinic’s emergency department situation.