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How to care for pets at the animal clinic

Northview, Texas, May 5, 2020.

(Published Wednesday, May 6, 2020)The Animal Care and Control of Texas (ACCOT) has been closed for a week due to a suspected Ebola outbreak in the community of Northview.

The hospital is closed due to an active case and there is no immediate threat to public health.ACCOT’s Animal Care Unit was closed Tuesday due to Ebola infection, but has reopened with new protocols.

The clinic is being used to treat people with Ebola who are in need of urgent care and have no medical condition that would warrant the closed status, ACCOT said in a statement.

The clinic’s main focus is to care and treat people who have been infected with Ebola.ACCot has treated about 10,000 people in the past week, ACCO reported.ACCO said patients can receive vaccinations and receive health screenings for their symptoms.ACCOG is in charge of coordinating care for those who have come in contact with the patient.