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How to treat an STD at home

A couple is being hailed a hero after taking a woman home from a clinic with a severe case of the herpes virus.

A clinic worker who saw them at the ER at a downtown clinic said she’s glad the woman is OK after having sex with a man who also has the virus.

The woman has been taking antibiotics and a shot of antibiotics twice a day, said Dr. Maryann DeJesus of the Oregon Health and Science University.

She said the woman’s symptoms have improved.

“I’m glad we’re getting her home,” DeJesus said.

“The whole thing has been a miracle.

I think it’s an example of how caring people can do in a situation like this.”

The woman had sex with her boyfriend in April at the Jackson Clinic, an all-male health care facility that’s in downtown Portland.

She has tested positive for the herpes strain.

DeJesus has seen many patients who were tested negative for the virus, but none of them have tested positive.

DeJesus said the man who had sex in April is a man with no criminal record.

She’s hoping to get him a condom and some counseling.

She said the couple had sex at least five times and he has been clean for two years.

The man is now taking care of the woman in his home, DeJesus explained.

She will remain at home, and she’s going to have to be isolated for the next month or so.

“It was a really good thing to see, she said.

I hope they’re doing well.

I know this is not their first time at Jackson, so I’m hopeful they’re making progress.”

Jackson Clinic officials say they’re glad the couple is getting well.

They’re also thankful to the woman who came to see them after the infection.

“It’s really comforting knowing that someone’s going through the same thing, and that they’re still doing well,” said Kristine Davenport, president and CEO of the Jackson clinic.

“We’re just glad to be able to give her a home.”

The couple said they’ve never seen someone get infected with the virus before.

They say they’ve had no sex with anyone in the two weeks since the infection and have been going out to eat and drink regularly.

“My whole life, I’ve been scared,” said the boyfriend, who didn’t want to be identified for safety reasons.

“But now, it’s real.”

Jackson says it’s encouraging to hear that someone has been tested negative and is making good progress.