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A dog’s tale of love and family through a pet clinic

A dog named Chico has been adopted by a woman who said she was inspired to care for her pet after a long time of neglect.

Chico was adopted from a shelter when she was a puppy, according to the Tennessee Humane Society.

Chias first puppy, Kiko, was killed by a man who was intoxicated.

“I couldn’t believe how much time Kiko had to live,” the shelter’s director, Lori Hutton, told CBS News.

“He was so sweet, so loving, and he was so smart.”

Chico, a pit bull mix, was adopted by the Tennessee Human Service Commission, and his foster family has taken him to several local shelters, including the Tennessee Animal Services Agency.

He is the second dog to be adopted by Hutton’s shelter.

Chiello was a stray dog who lived in a barn and was left to fend for himself.

His foster family was unaware that Chico had a human face until he became a fixture at their shelter.

He’s now at the Tennessee Cat Coalition’s rescue center, and is being cared for by the Humane Society of the United States.

Chio’s foster family says he’s doing fine.

“His health is good, he’s eating well, and if we don’t have him now, we’ll have him when he’s old enough,” Hutton said.

“We’re very thankful to have him here, and we’re excited to be able to have the opportunity to help him be a good dog.”

Chieko is expected to have his first adoption on April 11.