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Which doctors do you have a favorable opinion of?

Doctors have their own personal views on how to treat patients, but the public does not necessarily see them that way.

The American Medical Association released its first comprehensive survey in June on physicians’ personal opinions on how the country should care for the country’s aging population.

About 70 percent of physicians surveyed said the country needs to spend more on Medicare and Medicaid, and more on mental health services.

But only 38 percent of doctors believe that the country can afford to maintain a stable healthcare system, the survey found.

“The American Medical Alliance thinks it is very important that we invest in the care of our people.

That means supporting preventive care, expanding access to health insurance and making sure that our public institutions are adequately funded,” AMA President David J. Kessler said.

A few months ago, doctors were even less optimistic.

The survey found that only 27 percent of the physicians surveyed believe the country has enough money to cover the cost of care for its aging population, compared to 60 percent in 2014.

“The data on doctors’ views of Medicare, Medicaid, mental health, health care access, the ACA and the economy are all converging and it is clear that we need to invest in healthcare for the nation’s most vulnerable, especially seniors,” Kessler said in a statement.