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‘BJP, Congress in lockstep on animal cruelty: A case study’

“We had decided to take the government’s decision to bring in an ordinance and implement it, but the Congress party, which was in lock step with the BJP, had opposed it,” a source close to the government said.

A bill was introduced in the Rajya Sabha on December 15, 2017, to amend the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1986, to include animals.

The bill is likely to get a final hearing in the Parliament on December 23.

Animal welfare groups, which have been protesting against the law in various states, have said the move would enable police to arrest activists and activists for their peaceful protests.

In February 2018, the Congress government moved the Maharashtra government to ban animal testing for animal welfare issues.

The state has a total of 10 animal testing laboratories, while there are at least two in other states, and three in the capital, Mumbai.

The Congress government had moved the state government in March 2018 to ban the practice.

A week later, a special committee of the Maharashtra assembly, headed by Congress leader Sharad Pawar, recommended the ban.

The move was rejected by the state assembly in April 2018, and the Congress has been pushing for the ban to remain in place.

In June 2018, an incident at a local animal shelter in Mumbai caused a furor and the animal welfare activists in the state staged a protest in front of the state legislature.

The activists were arrested for their role in the protest.