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When a patient is ‘sick and needs to be euthanised’

A woman in her 40s has had her life saved by a Dallas animal clinic after her pet dog “went into cardiac arrest”.

The incident happened in June, when the woman and her husband visited the Animal Care and Control facility in the Dallas suburb of Spring, which is known for its dog parks and kennels.

When the dog, named “Crazy Eyes”, went into cardiac arrhythmia, she became “overheated”, the Dallas Morning News reported.

“The dog’s heart rate went to 70 beats per minute,” Dallas Animal Clinic’s Dr Sarah Sommers said.

“That’s about as fast as an adult human can go.”

“It’s hard to describe, but we are so shocked,” she said.

The woman and the man rushed to the veterinary clinic and immediately noticed “she was not responding to any of our treatments”.

The couple had gone to visit the dog’s owners in Spring, and were then transferred to the animal clinic for treatment.

“We have a family, we have a daughter, we are both over 65, and we’re going to die,” the woman said.

Dr Sommes said that a dog’s heartbeat can be as slow as 70 beats a minute.

“If the animal is still alive, they can go to the vet,” she explained.

“It will not stop for long, they will be dead.

But if they stop, they’ll be alive.”

Dr Somsons team was able to resuscitate Crazy Eyes, and she was able get home to her family.

The couple returned to the Animal Clinic, and the dog was released into its kennel, where she died three days later.

“This dog is an example of how to save lives and keep animals healthy,” Dr Somes said.