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A patient in Florida suffers from a rare illness, but he says he has nothing to fear

A Florida man with a rare genetic condition has a rare, severe case of a rare autoimmune disease, but is still trying to find out what he is fighting for.

The man, who is in his 30s, has been living with the condition for more than a decade, but says he is unable to give blood for at least 18 months, according to a Florida medical clinic.

He is now being treated in the same facility where he underwent a blood transfusion and has a healthy donor pool.

The patient, who has not been identified, told reporters he is hoping to use his blood for research into the disease.

He said he has had to undergo several tests and a CT scan to see what is wrong with his body.

But he said he is not concerned about the possibility of a transfusion, which he said would have to be carried out by a different donor.

The clinic’s founder, Dr. Michael Gaudet, told RTE’s The World at One programme that there was a very low chance of a donor coming through for the transplant.

The doctor said that if there is a good match in a blood sample, he can give the donor blood.

“I can give them his blood if he wants to.

I have no doubt that he wants it.

It is not a question of whether or not he wants the blood, it is a question whether or so he would be able to give it to us, he said.

Dr Gaudett said the risk of the donor being sick was very low.”

What we are trying to do is provide the patient the same amount of blood as we have,” he said, adding that there is no evidence that there has been a negative result.

He added that the patients would have a lot of other tests and CT scans done and the patient would be given a list of things he would need to do to be tested.”

It would be a lot to ask for.

But we are not going to stop at a blood bank,” he added.

The US blood bank that has donated blood for the man has said that it has no plans to take the blood for transplant.”

We have never been contacted by the hospital, we have never received any information, and we have no plans or desire to contact them,” said spokeswoman Michelle Treadwell in a statement.

The Florida clinic said that the patient has been able to get blood transfusions from blood banks in other states and Europe.”

This patient has had no adverse reaction to any of his blood donor blood products, and he has not experienced any adverse reactions to the blood products in his system, Dr Gaudets’ team noted.

“As of now, the patient is still receiving daily blood transferences.

This is not because he has any other blood or other donor blood on hand.

This patient has donated his own blood, and has not received a transfuse from another donor.”

However, the blood will continue to be collected for the patient for further testing.

“Dr Gautier said that he would have been delighted to have had the blood transfused to the patient in a lab.”

But that is a rarity,” he told Rte.ie.