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How to treat herpes at the vet clinic

A woman who has spent months at a clinic where she has had to wear a mask, a gown, gloves and a mask because she has HSV-2 says she is looking forward to getting her new test results.ABC News reports Amy McPherson, 30, has been at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in New York City for more than a year, but the clinic is still a place where she can get tested for herpes.

“It’s kind of the same as being at a vet clinic, it’s a bit different, but I’m definitely looking forward,” she said.

Amy McPhearson said she was able to get her new herpes test results on March 3, 2017 after her original test came back negative.

“So, I feel good and I’m glad I can do it now,” Amy said.

The Beth Israel Center is a private clinic that specializes in testing women with HSV2.

Amy’s initial test came in negative.

She and her partner, Kim Hagen, had to spend months in a hospital after the test came out negative.

“So when I got that test and I went to the doctor and I said, ‘I’m getting tested, I have HSV,’ I felt like I had the flu.

I didn’t know how to get that answer,” Amy explained.

Amy said she felt like the first person to ask for an explanation.

“They told me, ‘You have to wear this mask, because you can catch the virus from people you see on the street,’ and it wasn’t like I was having fun, it was scary, but then they told me to take off the mask, and I did,” she explained.

Amy and Kim Hagan said they were able to have their first test in January, and in June, they were finally able to see results from the first test.

In June, Amy and Kim were given an even more powerful test.

It was a second test, and it showed that they were also infected.

“We had two shots of virus.

We were really lucky.

It wasn’t just one shot,” Amy Hagen said.

Amy’s new test came from a new test that came back positive.

Kim Hagen and Amy McPhherson have spent more than two years at Beth Israel, but now, they are looking forward and are hopeful for their new test result.

“I think this is going to give us hope.

I think this will give us a little bit of peace,” Amy McHagen said about the test results and the chance to get tested again.

Amy and her partners are hopeful that their test results will give them hope and hope that they will get tested and find out if they have HSVs.

It was a long road to get to this point, but they are very happy.

The Beth India Center is an outpatient clinic, and they offer testing for herpes, other sexually transmitted diseases, cervical cancer and HIV, and are accredited by the American Board of Internal Medicine.