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‘We’re here to help,’ Aayu doctor says after-hours clinic

Aayus medical team has set up a helpline for people who have not been able to get the treatment they need, in the wake of the deadly bombing in Kabul.

Aayus Medical Team, a group of doctors, nurses and other medical professionals, set up the hotline on Tuesday, just after the deadly bombings in Kabul on Tuesday.

The phone number is +972 917 66515.

It is a 24-hour helplink for patients who have no access to medical treatment, such as those who have lost their homes or are on medication.

A day after the attack, a 24/7 helplight was launched for people with no access.

“We’ve seen so many calls from the people who are now out of hospitals and the lack of medication and supplies,” said Dr. Mohammad Hamza, chief medical officer at Aayusa Medical Center.

The call centre has helped more than 4,000 people to access medical care, Hamza said.

The helplist is also open to the general public, and has been used by nearly 6,000 Afghanis to get their prescription medications, and to contact relatives.

The center is located in a sprawling complex, about 50 kilometers (30 miles) northwest of Kabul, in a residential neighborhood.

More than 7,000 doctors have registered with the helplisting center, according to Aayush Shah, the center’s president.

About a third of the health care workers are foreign.

Most are Afghan, according the organization.

The hotline is staffed by doctors, registered nurses, social workers, dentists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacists.

Ajayus Medical Group has more than 500 doctors in the country, according Shah.

It also runs clinics and pharmacies.