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What to know about the funeral of the man who helped find the bodies of two Florida family members

After a man found two of the bodies in the water, he called the Florida family clinic in Venice and was told by a nurse that the bodies had been cremated and would not be coming back to his home.

He was called in to a funeral home to make arrangements.

The man said he wanted to bring the bodies to Venice, but the funeral home refused, citing that the cremation had already taken place.

After more than a year of waiting, the body was brought back to Venice.

After the family clinic called the funeral homes, a funeral director came to his house and asked if the bodies were cremated.

The funeral director said he couldn’t, because it was the cemetery’s policy not to do that.

The bodies were taken to a mortuary where a crematorium was set up.

The mortuary director did not respond to requests for comment.

The cemetery director told the family doctor that the funeral director had already cremated the bodies, and they would be coming to his cemetery for burial.

The doctor said that he would never call the funeral house again.

He had to call the cemetery director.

The family doctor called the mortuary manager, who said that the morticians office was in the process of getting the crematorium set up and that he could take the bodies for cremation.

The mortuary told the doctor that he needed to come back to the cemetery and that the cemetery was not allowing it.

The next day, the funeral doctor drove the body to the funeral cemetery.

The body was cremated, the mortician said.

The crematorium is still under construction, but there are no plans to take the remains to the grave.