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The Government has made a commitment to protect pets and vets in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic

The Government says it has made “an absolute commitment to protecting pets and veterinarians in the UK” as the pandemic grips the country.

The pledge follows a visit to vets in Glasgow where Health Secretary Nicky Morgan announced the UK’s new PetSafe plan, which will ensure vets can keep pets in their homes for up to 72 hours and vets will be able to return to work when there is a shortage of pets.

Dr Seybold said: “We’re putting in place a new Pet Safe plan which is designed to ensure vets have the resources they need to keep pets safely and securely in their care.”

She added: “This new plan will ensure that vets can work as part of a team and will allow them to return home to do their work safely.”

The PetSafe scheme will be rolled out in the rest of the UK in the coming weeks.

It will also be rolled-out across the country from May 1.

On Thursday, the Government announced a new scheme which will allow vets to return back to work from the moment a shortage in the NHS has been declared.

This means vets will no longer be required to stay at home when they are not treating a patient.

Ms Morgan said: “We’re committed to ensuring vets have as much access to the NHS as possible, but we also want to ensure that they’re able to get the help they need if they are in a crisis situation.”

We want vets to be able back to their jobs when a crisis happens.

“Veterinarians have previously spoken out against the plans and have warned it could be a major setback for the profession.

Vets have previously described the scheme as “a disaster waiting to happen” and have questioned its feasibility.

Mr Seybold said: “[It] is a disaster waiting for us.

We need to have the support of the public, the media and all sectors in the country to get this right.

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