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‘Mystery of an animal’: How the ‘wildlife clinic’ got its name from the clinic where it was set up

A mystery that has baffled animal advocates for decades has been solved: The clinic was set to open a year after its founding in 1970.

But the date on the lease paperwork from the Ontario government is wrong, according to animal rights activists.

The clinic’s lease was signed in 1970, when it was known as the Campbell Clinic, and the date of its closure is incorrect.

“I am not at liberty to disclose the nature of the lawsuit that has been filed against Campbell Clinic for the wrongful closing of the Campbell clinic,” said the group’s attorney, Kevin McKeown.

The lawsuit was filed by two groups of animal activists in January.

They want the provincial government to cancel the lease, which is set to expire at the end of April, which they say will cost Campbell a reported $1.3 million.

In the lawsuit, McKeynow says that the lease was in effect until the year before the clinic closed.

The date is incorrect for the Campbell site.

McKeyson says the land was purchased by the city of Hamilton in 1986 for $3.8 million.

That was a couple of years before the Campbells’ first clinic opened.

The city, which acquired the land from the Campbell family, said it did not lease the land.

But according to the lawsuit filed by the animal rights group, the city “had the option to purchase the land for its use in the year it was intended to be used for the new clinic, but chose not to do so.”

The lawsuit also states that the Campbell clinics, which had three animals at the time, were “at risk of being destroyed” because the clinic had “unresolved issues with rodents, cockroaches and insects” that the clinic was not able to address.

The group’s lawsuit states that Campbell’s original lease was for 10 years.

“The original lease, with the condition that the city would vacate the property within five years, was never honored,” McKeay said.

“They failed to meet their obligations under the original lease.

The Campbells and their allies are suing the city for more than $5 million. “

Campbell Clinic had a reputation of being a reputable and ethical animal clinic.”

The Campbells and their allies are suing the city for more than $5 million.

The owners of the clinic, who also live in Hamilton, have not been accused of any wrongdoing.

Campbell’s new clinic is set for opening on April 12.

“We have not had any contact with Campbell Clinic or the city regarding the lawsuit,” a spokesperson for the city told The Canadian Press in an email.

The spokesperson said they have yet to receive the lawsuit and are “actively reviewing the matter.”

The city told CBC Hamilton that Campbell Clinic’s lease is currently “on hold.”

“Campus will continue to be operated as it is,” the spokesperson said.