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How to be a successful conservative Christian

What’s a conservative Christian?

When I first got into politics, I was shocked to discover how many conservative Christians were out there, but then I discovered the real numbers: the numbers are staggering.

The most conservative Christian party in the United States is the Christian Coalition, which has more than one million members, many of whom are white and middle-class.

The conservative Christian is also the most powerful Christian group in the U.S. and is well represented in the national media, with outlets like the Christian Broadcasting Network, Fox News, and even CNN.

But as with the Tea Party, the conservative Christian isn’t just a movement.

It is a political force.

In my view, the Christian coalition is a real danger to America and the world.

When I was first elected, I promised to not let the Christian conservatives in the House of Representatives pass a health care bill that would defund Planned Parenthood.

I promised that I would oppose any attempt to defund the American public university system.

This wasn’t just me.

My opponent, Rep. Justin Amash, also voted for the AHCA and has called for defunding Planned Parenthood and universities.

In an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, Amash said: “The majority of Americans don’t want to be defunded.

We don’t believe in abortion or in contraception.

But the majority of the American people are sick and tired of government trying to control their health care and the amount of information they get about their health.”

A similar message can be heard in the GOP presidential candidates.

Donald Trump has called the AHCC “the most radical bill I’ve ever seen passed by a party in my lifetime.”

And Rep. Tom Cotton, who has endorsed Trump, said the AHC would force American citizens to pay for abortions, forcing “people who are suffering from mental illness or substance abuse or who are suicidal or who have suicidal tendencies to go to the doctor and get help.”

This is what is at stake.

If Republicans in the Senate and the House fail to pass the AHCE, we will have a President who is not a conservative, but a right-wing extremist.

For the Christian right, it is not only a threat to our freedoms, but to our very way of life.

The American Freedom Party (AFP) is an organization dedicated to the restoration of America to its original founding principles and heritage, founded in 1837, and stands for limited government, individual liberty, and a strong defense of Judeo-Christian civilization.

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