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“We are not trying to hide from the virus” – Centerville Clinic

Centerville, Utah’s first and only after-hours clinic has been providing a free, 24-hour service since the beginning of February, and now they are adding a second service.

The clinic has expanded to include other local providers as well, and they have a variety of health conditions that they treat.

They also offer free flu shots and flu shots at the pharmacy, and can get vaccinations at the front desk.

“I’ve always been very, very skeptical of the vaccine and I really don’t believe in it,” Centerville resident Sarah DePietro said.

“But, I feel like we’ve got to have it, and I don’t know if I’m going to be able to get it, so I’m excited about that.”

For those who don’t live in Utah, there is also a clinic at the Salt Lake City airport, but they do not provide after-hour care.

The Centerville clinic is located at 1250 S. 8th Ave.

The airport clinic is also free.

“It’s just a different way of seeing things,” Centennial resident and Centerville’s after- hours manager Scott Henson said.

“They’re more of a health care provider than a pharmacy,” Henson added.

“I mean, you’re really getting some help with your medications.”

There are other free clinics around the country.

In Washington state, there are clinics at the University of Washington, the University Of Minnesota, the Portland Community Health Center, and the Oregon Health & Science University.

There are also free after-nights clinics at local schools and churches.

“We are trying to be inclusive,” Hensen said.

In Centerville they have been welcoming the community and giving free flu vaccinations to anyone who has been exposed to the virus, and people are sharing their stories of how they survived the virus.

“There’s a lot of stories,” DePetser said.

DePietros, who has no previous health issues, said she feels confident about the care she is getting from the Centerville after-dawn clinic.

“Just a lot more transparency,” she said.

She also has a new job and hopes to eventually start her own after-work clinic.

The clinic has about 40 patients, and DePetros said she’s happy that she can provide free care for everyone who needs it.

“The whole point is to help as many people as possible, but to also be compassionate and just treat everybody with the same dignity and respect,” DeDietro added.

The Centerville area has been experiencing a lot lately, and this is something Centerville residents are hoping to add to their daily lives.