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Wisconsin doctor accused of sexually abusing a patient

Pinehurst Medical Clinic in northwest Wisconsin has suspended its clinical psychologist, the hospital said on Friday, after the state Medical Board found she had been sexually abusing patients over a 15-year period.

The board of the state’s medical board found that Dr. Julie D. Burt, a former clinical psychologist at the clinic, had engaged in “improper sexual contact” with patients in the past, and that she had subjected patients to “physical and emotional abuse” and “repeatedly subjected them to unnecessary and unwelcome medical examinations and examinations by other staff members” while she worked at the hospital.

The board’s report said that Burt’s “behavior toward patients was so pervasive, pervasive, and pervasive in nature that it had a detrimental impact on the health and safety of the patients.”

Burt was suspended from practicing medicine pending an investigation, and the clinic has appealed the decision to the Wisconsin Supreme Court, according to the clinic’s website.

The clinic’s vice president of medical services, Paul K. Daugherty, said that the clinic was disappointed by the board’s findings.

“We will appeal this decision to ensure that we are not part of a culture of sexual harassment, inappropriate conduct, and discrimination that exists at our clinic,” he said.

“I am grateful for the trust that the board placed in us, and we intend to work to ensure our clinic continues to provide quality care to our patients and employees.”

The board also found that Bampus, who is not related to the former clinical therapist, had abused and discriminated against a former patient, identified only as Ms. B.D., over the course of two years.

Bampus was charged with seven counts of criminal sexual conduct in January, but prosecutors dropped the charges in September.