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Why the ‘un-American’ comments made by a former Florida doctor’s wife are hurting the community

Health care workers are concerned that the comments made last week by a Florida doctor who had worked in a health care clinic could have negative implications for their patients.

A woman who was working in the Florida health care facility told The Associated Press that the remarks by Dr. James DeMaria, who had treated her in the past, were “un-american” and “bizarre.”

A video of the remarks, obtained by the AP, shows DeMaria making disparaging comments about how sick people are and comparing them to the condition in which a woman would be in if she was born in an “uncontrollable environment.”

The video has prompted health care workers in the Tampa area to gather at a community clinic to speak with a doctor about the comments.

They say DeMaria’s comments are “totally inappropriate” and are “inappropriate for anyone who works in health care.”

“The only person who has a right to make these kinds of comments is a doctor,” said Dr. Karen Kastel, who is treating patients at the clinic.

“I mean, this is the last thing that we should be saying.”

She added, “If you’ve got someone who is doing something that’s inhumane and insensitive, we have a problem.

We have a responsibility to stand up and do something about it.”

DeMaria was not immediately available for comment.

But he is scheduled to speak Thursday at the University of Miami Medical School.

The Florida Department of Health did not immediately respond to a request for comment, nor did it immediately respond Wednesday to an AP request for a comment.

A doctor who is familiar with the facility said it is a “safe space” for DeMaria and his colleagues.

But he said that the facility is “extremely difficult” for people who work there because the facility “is a very difficult environment.”

“It’s hard enough to be a doctor, but when you’re talking about people who have the disease, there’s nothing that is more sensitive than their bodies,” Dr. Steven E. Cahn said.

“It is really, really tough to be an employee, because it’s really, truly challenging to be someone who can see someone in the mirror and not feel anything.”