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NFL Vetco clinic is hiring full-time psychologist

Vetco Clinic, a clinic in Las Vegas, is hiring a full-timber psychologist for the clinic’s clinical psychologist position.

Veteran sports psychologist and former NFL coach Pat Fasano was fired on Oct. 29 after the Chargers selected Marcus Mariota in the first round of the NFL draft.

The position pays $70,000 per year, with a minimum of five years of experience.

The average salary for a psychologist in the San Diego area is $90,000, according to salary tracking website Salary.com.

Veterans with a mental health disorder will be required to complete a 30-minute mental health assessment.

The team also has a team of mental health experts on staff, which includes a licensed clinical psychologist, a registered nurse and an intern.

Veterinary psychologist Pat Fasan is expected to join the Chargers coaching staff.

He previously served as the NFL’s vice president of mental wellness.

Veterinarians at Vetco are allowed to use the facility for therapy sessions and to practice sports medicine, but there are no sports medicine clinics for the public.

The facility is operated by the Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

Veterins Affairs Medical center is in Carson, Nevada.

Veterinals with a psychological disorder are prohibited from joining the team.