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Why you should stay away from Yankton Medical Clinic

Sanford, California — —  — — — —                   Sanford’s Yankon Medical Clinic is a popular place to see your family for the first time in decades, but a recent outbreak has made the city of 2 million residents one of the most unsafe places in the nation to visit.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the county has the highest rate of infections in the country of anyone in California and is among the most dangerous for visitors. 

The latest outbreak has infected 1,000 people in Yankons hospitals and outpatient clinics, including more than 30 in the medical center and nearly 50 in the outpatient clinic, according to a news release.

The new cases were first reported in late April and the first case was diagnosed in early May. 

 The Yankonis are among the largest health systems in the county, with more than 9,000 patients in 24 clinics, according the San Francisco Chronicle.

They are among those whose residents must wear face masks, limit movement and avoid crowded areas, among other precautions. 

The county has also been at the center of a national debate about how to protect people from the coronavirus.

On March 5, California Gov.

Jerry Brown signed into law a bill that requires that all of the state’s public hospitals and community health centers use the same masks for patients, which will include the Yankontas.

That means all patients who need a mask must go to YankoniHealthCare.com, where staff will be available to explain the rules and ensure that they work for everyone, said Yanko’s CEO, Jennifer Yankanis. 

But the county’s public hospital system, the YPCC, has not followed the law and has not provided the masks.

The hospital has not even had a mask test for the coronovirus, which could make it harder for people to get a proper mask, according Yankinis.

Sanford police spokesman Sgt. David O’Leary said Wednesday that there was a lack of cooperation between police and the Yanno’s medical staff. 

“The Yannon’s has had no communication with the police, and we haven’t been able to obtain a warrant to inspect the facility,” O’Leary said.

 Yankonta’s website says the facility has an excellent infection control plan and that the community is being supported by volunteers, local businesses and the local Red Cross.

But it also states that the county health department does not provide masks and that people who do not wear a mask can go to the Yanks website to get one. 

More from the Chronicle:  “It’s a sad situation.

It’s sad that our hospital is not providing masks,” Yankona said in a statement.

“Our staff has been working to address the situation for the past year, and it is our responsibility to ensure that our patients are protected from infection.” 

“I feel bad for the patients and the staff,” Yannoi said in the statement. 

San Francisco’s YannoniHealth said in an email that “Yankon medical is in the process of testing and preparing to provide masks for the community in our emergency department.

Our hospital has been able since April to make good progress.

We’re happy to provide a limited amount of masks to the community at this time.” 

The hospital, which opened in 1952, has a reputation for good care, including a program in which doctors wear masks to prevent transmission of the virus to other patients. 

According to the San Franciscans Department of Public Health, the county is among about 30 jurisdictions in the state that is in quarantine.

San Francisco has been in lockdown since mid-May.