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How to find a new abortion clinic in Ohio

The Associated Press reported Wednesday that Ohio is set to have its first abortion clinic open within the next few months.

The news comes just weeks after a judge ruled that the state’s law banning abortions must be revised to make it clear that women have a right to an abortion, but Ohio lawmakers have refused to act.

The Toledo Clinic of Reproductive Health opened in December, but the clinic has been struggling to find the funding it needs to run the clinics and other services in Toledo and the surrounding communities.

The state has spent more than $8 million to open and operate the Toledo Clinic since 2011.

The clinic has about 6,400 patients and provides women with care and services ranging from contraception to medical appointments, abortion services and legal aid.

The clinic opened in the city of Toledo in February and its doors are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday, with extended hours on weekends.

The state has set aside about $4.6 million for the clinic and is looking to expand to nearby cities and counties.