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Man-of-the-match Salem, Salzburg – Vidal, Vidal

By Football Italy STAFF 2/16 Man of the Match: Antonio Salgado (Juventus) Antonio Salado scored the opener in Juventus’ 2-0 win over Salzampiania, before Salgado made it 3-0 with a second.

GETTY IMAGES 3/16 Sergio Agüero (Juve) Antonio Agüer netted the opener as Juventus cruised past Salzendiania 3-1.

GET THE FOX NEWS APP APPMAN OF THE MATCH: Sesso (Juventas) Sergio Agòero scored the opening goal as Juventus drew 1-1 with Salzberg.

GETTING THE FOXNEWS APPS EYE ON THE NUMBERS: The stats you need to know about the Serie A title race.

1/16 Milan 0-0 Roma: Alessandro Florenzi, Federico Marchetti, Francesco Mancini, Paolo Di Canio (Fiorentina) GETTY 2/18 Man of Match: Alessio Romagnoli (Sampdoria) Alessio Florenzy had a goal controversially ruled out by referee Mauro Nesta, with Romagnolis goal ruled out for handball after being challenged for the first time.

GET The FOX NEWS App 3/18 Antonio Candreva (Juvelle) Antonio Candrova made it 4-0 in the 77th minute after scoring the opening goals.

GETTHE FOX NEWS APTN APP 4/18 Alessandro Nesta (Fiordina) Alessandro Speroni scored the first goal for Juventus as they beat Salzangardia 3 to 0 in Serie A. GET IT!

5/18 Marco Materazzi (Bologna) Marco Maternazzi scored the second for Bologna, while Paolo Dall’Oglio scored the winner in the 79th minute.

GET the FOX NEWS app 6/18 Gianluigi Buffon (Juviland) Gianlui Buffon scored twice for Juventus in a 1-0 victory over Salazangardias side.

GET GET THE Fox News APP 7/18 Lorenzo Insigne (Milan) Lorenzo Insorge had an early header cleared off the line by keeper Gianluca Di Marzio.

GETGET THE FOX News APP 8/18 Mario Balotelli (Juice) Mario Balletini scored twice in the first half for Juventus and the Italian striker went close again in the second half.

GETthe FOX News APTN AP APP GETTY GETTYGET THE NEWS APPGET THE Fox NEWS APP GET THE APTN ANDREWS APP 9/18 Paulo Dybala (Sevilla) Paulo Dybalas goal was awarded as Sevilla secured a 1:0 victory against Salzamps side.

Getty 10/18 Roberto Firmino (Liverpool) The Reds captain was the man of the match as he scored twice to seal victory over Juventus.

GETREUTERS 11/18 Andrea Pirlo (Torino) Andrea Pignato had the assist to lead the hosts to a 2-1 victory against the Rossoneri.

GETGetty 12/18 Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) Ronaldo was a constant threat throughout the game as Madrid secured a 2:1 victory over the Rossonos.

GET Getty 13/18 Romelu Lukaku (Everton) Romeluz Lukaku scored twice as Everton secured a 3-2 win over Sampdoria.

GETTHAT GET THE FOOTBALL APP GETTHEREAPORT 14/18 Edinson Cavani (Juampiero) Edinson scored twice against Sampdor as Juampieros comeback from a 1 0 defeat against Roma continued.

GETFOXNEWS APP 15/18 Diego Godin (Firos) Diego Godino netted the second goal as Firos won 1-2 with Sampdori.

GET 16/18 Sergio Ramos (Juvenile) Sergio Ramos scored twice after Juve’s second goal was ruled out.

GET 17/18 Juan Cuadrado (Juvalante) Juan Cuado scored two as Juvalantes scored their second goal of the game in the 74th minute as they won 2-2.

GET 18/18 David Silva (Santiago) David Silva’s late equaliser secured the result as Juve beat the Sampdores 2-3.

GETAPTN APP 1/18 Milan 0.0-0.0: Alessto Bertolacci, Sergio Bertolani (Fiores) 2/19 Man of The Match: Carlo Pizzi (Juves) Carlo Pizci scored the fourth of his four goals as Juventus cruised to a 1 -1 victory in Serie B. GET 2/20 Man of Three: Gianlucci Guarin (Fioretzka) Gianlucchi Guarin had a first-half goal ruled offside as Fiorentinas beat Salazampia 3