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How to save your job in Florida

The Mayo Clinic is closing its Miami-area clinic in light of a series of safety incidents.

The Mayo clinic announced Friday that it was closing the Broward County clinic, and the facility’s health director, Dr. Richard Dennison, confirmed the news to The Daily Beast.

“We have had some safety issues in recent weeks,” Dennon told The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah on Friday.

“There’s a lot of safety issues, but it’s something that’s just part of the process, and it’s a part of making sure that we’re in a good state of health for everyone.”

In January, a man died after a patient there tried to take him to a doctor for a chest infection.

And earlier this year, a patient with asthma was taken to the hospital after he had a medical procedure performed on him at the Mayo Clinic.

“If there was something we could have done better, I would have done it differently,” Dannison told The Miami Herald.

“But at the end of the day, this is a clinic that was built on safety and quality care, and if it wasn’t in good shape, it wouldn’t be in the same place.”

Dennison said he hopes to reopen the facility by July 1.