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Emergency Animal Clinic is a “huge opportunity” for the Dallas area

The Dallas area has been a hot spot for pet rescues, especially during the winter months when pets are at their most vulnerable.

Pet owners can get free emergency veterinary care during this time and some are getting a break on their taxes from the government.

The Dallas Animal Clinic has been offering the services for nearly a year.

On the website, the clinic offers a variety of services including spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchipping, and other services.

The clinic also has an emergency shelter for pets and cats.

We caught up with the clinic director, Julie Stokes, to find out more about how the facility can help those in need and get the pets back on their feet.JULIE STOKES: How does the emergency animal shelter work?

We’re going to have a pet adoption center for cats and dogs.

We’re doing the adoption in a small room and we will have one animal per day.

The cats are going to be spayed or neutered, the dogs will be microchipped.

And then they will be available for adoption by people that are interested in adopting them.

So it’s really a family friendly, non-judgmental, compassionate service.

I think it’s a great way to help our community.

What are some of the challenges that the community faces during this severe winter?

The cold weather can really affect people and pets in a lot of ways.

When we’re cold, we have to be on top of our animals.

And there are a lot more dogs and cats that are in shelters because they’re really stressed out, and that’s something we’re really working to help people understand and get their dogs and their cats back to a normal, healthy state.

Can you describe what you do?

We will have a dog adoption center and we are going for the adoption by a shelter.

So we’ll bring in a dog, we’ll take them to the shelter and we’ll be the one to take them in.

The shelter will then vet them, they will get microchips and we’re going through that process, going through the microchip process to make sure they’re microchicked and ready for adoption.

But we will also provide them with a foster home and that is a place where they can stay until they can be adopted.

The dogs and the cats will go to the adoption center.

Then, we will do a microchip application and if the microchipper is microchinged and the adoption is approved, they’ll go to that foster home.

And if they’re not microchilled, then they’re going back to the pet rescue.

What does the shelter look like?

The shelter is a two-story, one-bedroom home with a two bedroom and two bathroom apartment with two cats and two dogs.

They have two different bedrooms and two bathrooms.

What do they do?

There are two rooms that are shared, so if there is one dog, there is a room for the other dog.

And the other room is for the cat.

The only other thing that we do is they have two cats that come in each day.

We have two separate rooms for them, so we have two rooms for the cats.

So the shelter is designed for dogs, cats, and rabbits.

How can people get help with the adoption process?

We can give a variety to the community.

We can help with their taxes, so people can get that money back.

If they can get a shelter or an adoption fee waived, that’s great.

And we can help people in other ways, like help with insurance.

We help people get a copy of the paperwork, so they can see where their dog went and where their cat went, and help people to make a donation.

What else can you do to help pets?

If you are looking for a pet, we can get you in touch with a local animal shelter, a shelter that is close to you, and they can do some help and then they can also get you a microchip.

If you can get your pet spayed, we really want you to get a micro-chip so that they can make sure that they’re up to date on their vaccinations.

And also we can give you information about adoption and adoption services.

And of course, we are also going to provide a variety that will help people.

Are there any special requirements to adopt a pet?

There is no special requirements for adopting a pet.

You can have a foster or a home with two animals, and we can take care of the rest.

So if you can’t afford to have your own home, you can adopt from us and we provide all the services that are needed for the cost of adoption.

What happens if you find a cat or dog that needs a home?

The cat will be placed with the foster and then the dog will be taken to the dog rescue.

So there is no fee for adopting and there is also no fee to adopt.

What if there are no cats or dogs? So the cat