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What to know about the Portland clinic’s Phase 2 clinical trial

Portland Clinic has announced the start of Phase 2 of its Phase 2 trial for a “high-impact” new type of cancer therapy.

The study, called the High Impact Study, will test the safety of the drug to the highest extent possible.

It will also test whether the drug’s effectiveness outweighs the risk of side effects, and if there are any problems with the drug.

The clinical trial, the largest of its kind, will take place in a small, four-week phase in the United States.

The study will be funded by the National Cancer Institute and the U.S. National Institutes of Health.

The trial will involve patients who have been treated with the new drug for at least six months.

The treatment will be delivered by a team of scientists at the University of Oregon and the University at Albany, New York.

The Portland Clinic’s Phase 1 trial for the drug will be completed by March 2019.