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Mankato Clinic rochester shuts down due to mold issue

MAYO CLINIC, N.Y. — The Mayo Clinic has closed a Mayo Clinic clinic that had more than 30 mold issues, including a mankatoo patient who developed an allergic reaction to the material.

The Mayo Clinic’s Rochester branch was closed Friday because of a mold issue that began two weeks ago and the clinic’s Rochester Branch, which is based in Rochester, was shut down, according to the Mayo Clinic.

The problem was discovered after a man visited the clinic in Rochester and complained of a rash on his face and neck, according the Mayo clinic.

The man also reported an allergy to mold in his body, but he was not allergic to mankats or any other living thing, the Mayo center said in a statement.

The patient was referred to the Rochester Clinic for an allergy test, which revealed the patient was allergic to molds.

He also had a respiratory infection that required medical treatment, the center said.

Mold can be a health problem for people who have a health condition such as asthma, allergies or cardiovascular diseases.

The mold may cause breathing problems, itching, skin irritation, redness and a condition called rosacea.