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What happened to the Westside Clinic?

The Westside Clinics of Dallas and Fort Worth are closing, the Dallas Morning News reports.

The news outlet says the closures are part of the Kroger Little Clinic, which opened in 2008 and has since been shuttered by the owners of Kroger Food Stores.

According to the Morning News, the Krogles closed in March.

The company says the closing of the Westsides clinic will save $3 million over the next two years.

The closures also come on the heels of a report by The Hill that said Kroger has been offering the option of purchasing the clinics from the owners for $3 billion, although no agreement has been reached. 

The news outlet points out that while Kroger is not the only company to have shuttered the West Side clinics, it is the largest. 

“The Kroger clinics were among the largest of their kind in the country, and were among Dallas’ fastest-growing clinics, according to the Dallas Business Journal,” the Morning Business says.

“Kroger has also opened clinics in Kansas City and San Antonio, Texas, and is expected to open another one in the next few weeks in Oklahoma City.”

The Westside clinics opened with a $1.5 million operating budget. 

But after more than a decade of operating under contract, the clinics have faced a decline in patient visits and a decline of about 60 percent in revenue.

The clinics closed for good this year, but the business could be back on track by 2019.