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When the Memphis Children’s Clinic was the only child’s clinic in the country

When the Children’s Hospital of Memphis opened in 1966, it wasn’t the only one.

But for a little over two decades, Memphis was the one that treated the children who came to the hospital with a slew of medical problems.

Today, the Children and Family Department at the Memphis Health Department operates five child-focused health clinics.

But it was the Memphis Child Clinic that made the Childrens Hospital so special.

Now, Memphis Childrens is closing.

The Memphis Children Clinic, located at 703 S. Main Street, was built in 1966 by a group of volunteers who believed the Children in Memphis’ children should be taken care of by the community.

Today it is in a state of disrepair.

Today the clinic is closed, with the last patients arriving at 9 a.m. on a Monday.

The Childrens Department said the building is “underperforming.”

The clinic was closed for more than a year due to structural issues, but a spokesperson for the Memphis City Council said the problem was with the building itself.

The spokesperson said the clinic will have to move out of the building and into the basement of the Childrenís Clinic.

The city has also agreed to pay $25,000 to the children’s department to repair the building.

The clinic also said that the building will have its roof replaced, and that the city will also donate $10,000 in funds to the Children`s Clinic to help with repairs.

The Childrens Clinic is also closed for the remainder of the year.

The facility was originally built as a clinic for children from 18 to 20, but the number of children from Memphis increased in the 1980s.

The Kids in Memphis Program, which ran the clinic, is the only program of its kind in the state of Tennessee.

The clinic closed its doors in October 2016, and its former patients will no longer be able to see or receive care there.

The closure will be felt far beyond the Memphis area.

Children’s Center of Memphis, located in the Memphis suburb of Clarksdale, was closed down in November 2015, but it remains open as a child-centered medical clinic.

It is now operated by a nonprofit called the Memphis Kids Program.

In June, the Memphis Free Clinic, a clinic that provides primary health care to children with severe disabilities, closed its operations in Memphis. 

The Memphis Children clinic, which was the oldest children’s hospital in the nation, closed in August.

It had served more than 100,000 children since opening in 1967.

The program was built by volunteers who were not paid to treat children.

They were volunteers who worked as the clinic’s janitors, cleaners, and drivers. 

But now, the clinic said it will close down.

The building was previously a pharmacy, but in November 2016, the hospital purchased the pharmacy, and it will now be managed by a charity called the Children.