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Patients will get better by the end of July as floridas clinic gets a major upgrade

Patients will be better by mid-July as the Cleveland Clinic Hospital in Ohio gets a $1.4 billion upgrade, including the addition of a new $5 million emergency room, the health department said Monday.

The new ER, at the corner of South Seventh and Cleveland Avenues, is expected to open in the second half of 2019.

It will include a three-story emergency department with a new bed capacity of 790 patients.

The hospital also will expand the outpatient medical clinic in the new building to a maximum of 300 patients.

The clinic’s beds will also be expanded to 300 patients, the hospital said.

In addition to the $1 billion emergency room upgrade, the new ER also will include an emergency department in the existing space and a new 24-hour urgent care clinic.

The upgraded facility also will provide additional outpatient space for emergency care.

The upgrades will provide the Cleveland Health system with the capacity to treat more than 9.6 million patients by 2019, which will allow it to reach a goal of providing a high-quality emergency care experience to all of its patients, Health and Human Services Secretary Sam Clovis said in a statement.

“Our patients will have access to a better quality emergency care service in 2019 and beyond, which we are proud to achieve,” ClovIS said.

The health department is also adding 24 new ambulatory surgical center beds, according to the health agency.

The new beds will be installed within the existing emergency department.

The medical center’s other upgrades include new beds and the addition, among other things, of a trauma center.

The Ohio Health Department will be responsible for paying for the new facility.

ClovIS called the new emergency department the “most important investment” made by the state in its history.

The health department has been working to modernize and upgrade the emergency department since the center opened in 1997.