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WalMart clinic to open in Belfast next week

Belfast, Northern Ireland – WalMart is opening a clinic in Northern Ireland in the coming weeks.

The Belfast clinic is expected to open this month.

The clinic will offer medical advice and consultation to people with conditions that could benefit from it, such as Crohn’s disease, HIV, and diabetes.

Walmart is currently running its first clinic in the UK, in Bournemouth.

It opened in 2011 in the same town, where the first clinic was set up in 1996.

The UK has a population of nearly 13 million people and has been hit by a rise in COVID-19 infections.

In the UK the number of cases of the virus has soared and there has been an increase in the number people in hospital due to COVID.

In November, the government announced plans to provide a £2 million boost to the NHS by boosting funding to the Northern Ireland Health Service and other organisations.

WalMart said in a statement it is committed to supporting the Northern Irish community and supporting people with a range of health needs.