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How to get vaccinated against rabies at Kroger’s new veterinary clinic

A few months ago, Kroger veterinarians at its new clinic in South Dakota were given the choice to opt out of the state’s mandatory vaccination program.

While they had been offered the option to receive rabies vaccinations, their choice was to remain with their current vets and remain on the current rabies vaccination schedule.

But a Kroger spokesperson told the AP the decision was made after the health department was notified.

It’s unclear if that decision was also made by the veterinarians themselves.

“Kroger has a strict vaccination policy in place to ensure we do not have an outbreak, that’s the message that we’re sending to our community,” said the Kroger statement.

The Kroger clinic will not be offering the rabies vaccine at the Krogers veterinary clinic in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and it won’t be available for customers to get the vaccine for free at other locations.

The health department’s decision was announced last week, but the Krovers statement was not shared with AP until now.

According to the state health department, South Dakotans will be able to get a free vaccine at their veterinary clinic and at a number of other locations starting July 31.

The state health agency has been tracking the number of confirmed cases of the disease in South Dakots.

In late February, a total of five cases of suspected rabies had been reported at the Sioux Falls veterinary clinic, according to the agency.