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Medical Bath & Water Park Resort
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Water Park

  • Medical Bath & Water Park


    The Oroshza-Gyopros Medical Bath, Swimming-pool and Water Park is has an independent therapeutic section of a very high standard with excellently trained specialists.The Physio-and Balneotherapeutic Centre welcomes visitors and guests with up-to-date therapeutic equipment and efficient therapeutic methods.The specialists assure individual, complex therapeutic treatment that depends on the patient's condition and the type of disease. The recommended length of the Gyopros therapeutic treatment is 2-3 weeks.During it the natural effect of the Gyopros water is increased by several therapeutic treatments as well as by methods of homeopathy..The functions of the Physio- and Balneotherapeutic Centre are diagnostic-namely to recognise problems and the available illnesses which are beginning to take shape, as well as the application of therapeutic treatments and curative work.The Gyopros medical water contains sodium, calcium-carbonate,iron, iodine, lime and different minerals.That is why it is suitable for curing locomotor disorders,gynaecological and skin diseases.


    All kinds of physiotherapeutic treatments can be found in the Physico- and Balneotherapeutic Centre:balneotherapeutic, electrotherapeutic and mechanotherapeutic treatments are available in the pleasant building-complex.The several balneo- and hydrotherapeutic medical treatments increase the excellent curative effect of the water.Thanks to the special composition of the Gyopros medical water, taking water is extremely suitable for curing rheumatic pains, arthritis, muscle- and tendon inflammation and neuritis.It can be applied successfully in post rehabilitative treatment of sprains, dislocations, fractures and in restoration of damaged functions.

    During the medical water treatment under-water jet massage as well as hydromassage is used to stimulate the injured muscles.In the case of a slipped disc, diskopathy, spinal column calcinosis and other disorders of the spinal column the weigh-bath is an excellent therapy.

    Electrotherapeutic treatments make up the other group of treatments in the Gyopros Physio- and Balneotherapeutic Centre.In the course of them the specialists use the mechanical and heat effects of different current strengths to cure several diseases.These electrotherapeutic treatments are excellent supplements of the bath cure as well as the balneo- and hydrotherapeutic treatments.Without aiming at completeness we list some typical electrotherapeutic treatments:galvanic-type treatments, TENS, interference treatments, iontophoresis, magnetotherapy, kryotherapy, infra- and Evolite- light therapy and laser-acupuncture therapy.Mechanotherapeutic treatments help the guests' fast recovery in the Physio- and Balneotherapeutic Centre. A basic treatment is physiotherapy.The lack of exercise is not the only reason but at the same time can be an aggravating factor in case of locomotor disorders.Physiotherapy is a special kinesitherapy, which people learn individually with the help of a physiotherapist.The aim of the treatment is 15.jpgto restore the active functions and to set up a plan for regular exercise.There is dry, underwater, active and passive physiotherapy and the patients take part in the individual programmes according to the type and measure of their diseases in the centre.Several massages complete the effects of the electrotherapeutic treatments and the treatments that are based on the medical water.Massage restores the elasticity of the skin, helps the absorption of roughage from the under-skin connective tissues and has a general analgesic and sedative effect.

    The full service is as important in the Physio- and Balneotherapeutic Centre as the standard of curative treatments.To assure the guests a pleasant stay a swimming-pool, a sauna and solarium are available during and after the treatments.


    Potassium       4 mg/l
    Natrium          370 mg/l
    Ammonium      3,2 mg/l
    Calcium          14,6 mg/l
    Magnesium      1,1 mg/l
    Iron               0,57 mg/l

    Manganese     bdl
    Lithium           bdl

    Nitrate           bdl
    Nitrite            bdl

    Chloride          26 mg/l
    Bromide          bdl
    Iodide            0,09 mg/l

    Fluoride          0,05 mg/l
    Sulphate         26 mg/l
    Hydrogencarb. 1130 mg/l
    Total phosph.  0,61 mg/l
    HBO2             10 mg/l
    H2SiO3           34 mg/l
    Arsen             0,005 mg/l


    This treatment works on the body by using the physical energies of water such as its temperature, lift, pressure and drag.The guests can find the tangentor-underwater stream-massage- the weigh- bath, the arm-, leg and complete- body hot-bath and the eddy-bath among our available treatments.The tangentor is a type of massage carried out in a bath filled up with mineral water.A technician carries out the massage with a stream whose pressure is adjustable and which comes out of a pipe which has a control head with an adjustable diameter.

    The flow of the mixture of water and air into the complete-body hot-bath works on the basis of an adjustable programme.The adjustable programme which increases from the periphery towards the heart and is repeated in waves is highly recommended and the most popular form in this bath.

    The arm-and leg hot-bath treats either the forearm and hand or the calf and foot selectively.So treatments of these parts of the body can be carried out even in cases when the guests are not allowed to go into the pool because of their blood-pressure or heart problems.

    The weigh-bath is a treatment in the pool which was established especially for this reason.Here the guests hang down on the point prescribed by a doctor.There is also a prescribed counterweight attached to the guest fixed to the waist or ankles.The guests hang into the pool without holding and it assures the desired stretching effect.


    These treatments try to use the curative effect of the healthy water.This effect is based on the chemical composition of the water.In the first place we use the high mineral content of the water extracted from deep underground but we also create our own mixes such as the carbonic bath.Besides the medical water pools it is also possible to have a bath in the tub-bath. It creates an opportunity to treat guests who can not go into the public pools because of their diseases.

    The natural mineral water is extracted from 500 m depth and has temperatures of 40-50 degrees Celsius.This water is released into the pools after cooling to 35-36 degrees Celsius. This temperature which is similar to the body temperature is ideal for a pleasant bath.Even exercise can be done without any burden at this temperature so the positive effect can intensify the freshening up and healing process.

    The hydrogen-carbonate salts of alkali- and alkali earth metals are important constituents in the composition of the mineral water.These salts have an intensive effect on the body and gives the mineral water its curative properties..Because of its sodium content the water is suitable for curing gynaecological diseases but it also eases rheumatic complaints.

    Besides the mineral salts the iodine content of the water shows a great effect in the remission of locomotion.

    The calcium-, magnesium hydrogencarbonate salts of the water have shown positive results against the diseases of circulatory organs.The effect of them is intensified and completed by the lime content of the water.

    Because of its iron content it can be well applied in case of chronic gynaecological inflammations and because of the strong skin-stimulating effect of the iron it is suitable to cure dermatosis, too.Because of its common salt content it has a strong stimulating effect on the skin so it can aid the several functions of the body through the nervous system.

    Therapy - Electrotherapy

    The curative effect of the electric current is extremely widely used in our baths.Hundreds of programmes are available within the scope of the treatments of low- medium- and high frequency so that in cases diagnosed by doctors the best types of currents can be produced.With the help of the physiotherapeutic assistants almost all types of treatments are available in our baths for the guests looking to recover their health..

    Therapy-Therapeutic gymnastics

    The professional therapeutic gymnastics is one of the methods whose main ambition is still the oki-therapy in modern rehabilitation. Physiotherapists graduated from the Health College are available for guests in need of treatment.They personalize the treatment, determine the special groups for the gymnastics and say whether there is need for an individual treatment.The therapeutic gymnastic lessons are held in well-equipped gyms and the pools.The gyms are equipped with mirrors, wall-bars and several modern therapeutic instruments. Hand instruments, Bobath-balls, exercise bikes, weigh machines, suspension bars and a Bobath-bed are available..We also use pieces of gymnastic apparatus and wall-bars in the water.


    Several massage treatments are available for the guests in our bath where the medical curative massage is the most expansively applied rehabilitative method.Qualified medicinal masseurs are available for people longing for therapy.

    These forms of treatments can be subject to financing by the National Health Insurance Office or other private insurance companies if they are prescribed by specialists and are entitled to it.

    The curative massage is a 15-minute treatment for which guests have to make an appointment with our dispatcher.The bath provides the base which can be powder or perhaps some cream of neutral combination, but our masseurs also carry out the treatments with other creams and oils which are brought by the guests.Treatment gowns in several colours can also be bought on the spot.This gown is practical, easy to wash and pack and can be used while doing gymnastics or during electrotherapy.We can offer additional massage treatments such as refreshing- and sportmassage and a slimmimg and form-shaping massage done with a special cream.

    According to the claims the masseurs who are qualified for it do reflex zone massage on the soles and the palms or perhaps on special points.Massage treatments which are not subject to financing by the social insurance are available for payment.They can be 15-minute partial massages, 30-minute full massages or in special cases -for example the form-shaping massage- it can take even an hour.The guests can buy several special massage creams and oils in our bath. They improve the efficiency of the massage treatments with their natural active ingredients.

    Almost every masseur of the bath has an OKJ massage qualification.This is the qualification that gives the widest view and knowledge in this field assuring the most professional service.Our bath considers that updating the knowledge of the team is very important and for this reason we aid the ancillary workers' participations in further training and professional conferences.


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