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Why choose us?
Our philosophy is to offer the quality of service we would wish for ourselves. We are dedicated to provide our patients all the benefits of excellent oral health and beautiful aesthetic smile. Our dental professionals believe passionately in providing high quality dental care, they have many years experience and regularly attend courses to keep their knowledge up-to-date. This enables us to offer a wide range of the latest techniques and materials available and we take great pride in the quality we have to offer. Our dentists are dedicated to informed consent, they are happy to discuss all your concerns in a f
riendly and relaxed manner and adjust the treatment plan to your specific needs.

Why do we need to replace missing teeth?

Proper nutrition is one of the key factors towards mental and physical well-being. According to dietetics, a mouthful of food has to be chewed at least 30 times for proper absorption of nutritients. In case of missing teeth many times insufficient chewing function is the reason for serious digestive problems and malnutrition. If a tooth is missing, the bone tissue of the jaw starts to shrink, because there is no more stimulus to maintain its normal amount. The muscles of the face are attached to the jawbones and if it shrinks, their location changes, and as a result they will be loose and the face will look older.

What are dental implants?
Dental implants provide a long lasting, durable and aesthetic tooth replacement solution. They serve as an artificial root of a teeth made of titanium that heal together (osseointegrates) with the bone tissue. Loss of teeth can be a result of different reasons such as decay, accident and infection. With implants you can avoid dentures and the grinding down of adjoining healthy teeth in order to prepare a bridge. Implant surgery requires special expertise and Dentists are required to take part in regular courses in order to keep their implantation technique up-to-date.

Why implants?
In the past, dentists replaced missing teeth by dentures or bridges. Both solutions have several disadvantages, for example ulceration of the gums, loosing of more teeth besides the fact that they cannot provide a natural sensation and strength as our own teeth. With the use of implants or these problems are solved.

Can implants be rejected from the human body?
No, they can not. Implants are made of titanium, also called as medical metal that does not generate any reaction of the immune system, consequently, rejection is impossible. Sometimes implants become loose and they fall out, but this happens only when osseointegration is disturbed for some reason and the chance of this is minimal and happens very rarely in case of proper implant planning and surgery. Usually, this can be sorted out with a second implantation surgery within weeks.

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