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About Hungary

Parliament Statue of Hunyadi Chain Bridge

Hungary is a well known tourist destination. The famous tourist attractions are part of the colourful cultural, historical and architectural heritage of the country. Whether you are looking for entertainment or relaxation, you are spoiled for choice. It has a huge number of thermal baths some of which were built during the Roman and Turkish empires and some more recently. People travel here from all over the world to enjoy a health or wellness holiday.The thermal waters can help to treat numerous diseases and contribute to health.
The culture of wine production is thousands of years old in Hungary and the country is one of the leading producers in Europe.
Wine is a determining factor in gastronomy and traditions. Hungarian cuisine is very colourful but has its own characteristics at the same time. The country is also well possessed of nature reserves. The ancient and beautiful forests, meadows, moors, flora and wildlife are well preserved thanks to the numerous National Parks. Because of the natural wealth, many areas are now on the list of World Heritage Sites including numerous karst caves, vintages, the Ferto area, Tokaj vintage area, Hortobagy the Big Plain and parts of the capital, Budapest.

Scientists and Composers
Hungary is or was home to numerous well known scientists and composers (A. Szentgyorgyi-Vitamin C; L.Fulop-Xray; J. Neumann-Computer; L.Biro-ballpoint pen, F.Liszt-Composer, B. Bartok-Composer, Z. Kodaly-Composer) read more

Budapest, -also known as the Queen of the Danube- is one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe. The river
Danube flows through the middle of the city and divides it into the Buda side with hills and valleys and the Pest side which is flat. The river bank is spectacular and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Budapest is at its most beautiful at nights when all the major buildings are lit up. Under the Buda hills there are numerous caves with around 80 thermal springs that supply the spas in the Budapest area. The colourful architecture has landmarks of the past, with Turkish Baths, Roman Amphiteatres and Hungarian Art Nouveau Buildings from the 19th century. There are hundreds of monuments and museums in the city, over 130 theatres, several concert halls, opera houses. There are also numerous organized cheap city walks, sightseeing tours, boat trips and 1 day trips around the city.

For those who fancy outdoor activities such as climbing and hiking, Buda side is
a paradise. Janos-hegy, Normafa, Szechenyi-hegy, Harshegy, Remete-hegy are all popular destinations. Obuda is located in the northern part of the city where you will find the famous Aquincum, ruins of a 2000 year old town with amphiteatres, bath house, mosaic works, carved stones and wall paintings.

Castle District
Fishermans Bastille
World Heritage site, built in the 14th century and rebuilt in Baroque-style later on. It has its own special atmosphere with beautiful historical buildings and streets calling back the past. The
Royal Palace was the residency of Hungarian monarchs for centuries, today it is home for museums and galleries, such as the Hungarian National Gallery and History of Budapest Museum. The Neogothic Matthias Church was the scene of traditional coronation and royal wedding ceremonies. The medieval Fishermans Bastion offers a spectacular view of the city.

Gellert Hill
Also a World Heritage Site and despite its location in the city centre it is aGellert-hill national park. If you climb up the hill, from the monument there is a beautiful panoramic view of the city. There is a hot spring inside the hill providing thermal water for 3 different baths around the hill, Gellert Thermal Bath, Rudas Bath and Rac Bath. On the outskirts of the city, there are also labyrinths of wine and champagne cellars. Out of the nine bridges connecting Buda with
Pest, the oldest is the Chain Bridge, which was built in 1849.

This side of the city also has many historical buildings. The largest synagogue inParliament
Europe is found here, which also serves as a concert hall. The Hungarian National Museum with its classicist architecture was founded in 1846. It is the biggest public collection in Hungary representing the history of the Hungarian people from ancient times until the present. The Parliament is one of the most beautiful buildings in the country situated at the riverbank and was built in the 19th century. The Holy Crown is exhibited here. Part of the Parliament is open to the public in guided tours.
St. Stephens Basilica the largest church in
Budapest and was built in neo-Renaissance style. Andrassy Boulevard is also a World Heritage Site, bordered with 19th and 20th century eclectic style palaces. Among them, the State Opera House is a spectacular work of the most famous Hungarian architect, Miklos Ybl. It is one of the most important symbol of cultural life in the country. Guided tours are also available here. Hosok Square is situated at the end of Andrassy Boulevard. Here you will find the two most famous art museums in Budapest. Behind Hosok tere is City Park and Vajdahunyad Castle which is an imitation of the famous Castle in Vajdahunyad, Transylvania. The lake next to it is ideal for boating. The largest spa bath in Europe, Szechenyi Bath is also situated in the City Park. It has thermal baths, Turkish baths, several pools and a water park. Budapest Zoo, more than 130 year old is a popular destination for families.

Margaret Island
Situated between
Pest and Buda in the middle of the Danube
is the largest park of the city, stretching between Margaret and Arpad bridge. With its beautiful landscape it is a popular destination for leisure activities, home of international sport events, baths and swimming pools.
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