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Do you have problems with your teeth? Is cost inhibiting your choice of the best dental treatment available? If so, we have the solution. Visit Hungary, a country renowned for its skills in the field of dentistry. Whilst discovering what this beautiful country has to offer visit the Department of Oral Surgery and Dentistry at Telki Private Hospital and be treated by Dr Masoud Memari , Dentist and Consultant Oral Surgeon. He is well known of his professional knowledge and wide range of dental expertise in many countries. He graduated as a dentist in Hungary at Semmelweis University and then acquired special expertise in oral surgery in Iran. He worked as a Research Fellow at London, Kings College between 2000 and 2002. He has been the head of the Dental Department of Telki Priate Hospital since 2002. He is a member ofSurgery numerous dental associations such as the European Association for Osseointegration (EAO) and he places around 1000 implants per year. He has been treating British and Irish patients for many years and he is well aware of their needs. He has a great personality and the right attitude towards his patients.

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    we provide excellent customer service, we organize accommodation, transport, consultation and we are happy to guide throughout your trip abroadCorridor

    answers to all your questions: apart from the dental treatments we give you advice and information about leisure, investment and general issues

    timetable that suits your schedule: we will organize your treatments according to your special needs

    guidance throughout your trip, we give you written information about your enquiries and will be available 24 hours a day while you are in Hungary
    free transport between the airport, accommodation and the hospital

    unforgettable holiday in the historic heart of Europe, Hungary

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